Companies for Sale
International Kindergarten in Bangkok for sale

International Kindergarten located in the heart of Bangkok with great reputation for its English-speaking curriculum. Founded 10 years ago, the school is open for children at the age between 2 years and 6 years.

Cleaning Service Company for Sale

A cleaning service company with a portfolio of +34 customers and generating an income of +29m THB per annum.   The company has been established since 1999 AD and employ more than +100 staff to provide cleaning service at customer’ site. Other than that, they are also offering a deep clean program such as floor, […]

Construction Supply Trading Business for Sale

A specialist in APVC & UPVC construction material with an average profit of 9m to10m THB per year. In 2020, despite the COVID-19 lockdown, the company has grown by 11%, based on the revenue from 2019 & 2020.   The company design and distribute wall, roof, louver and insulate ceiling in Thailand. Products are manufactured […]

Construction Company for Sales

Successful construction company with average annual revenue >100m THB for sale in Bangkok, Thailand. This construction company has been established since 1992 by a professional Thai engineer. They are offering clients top quality, design, build and construction management services. Over 20 years, the company has successfully completed close to a hundred projects, such as office […]

Display, Interior Design & Consulting Company

Experienced display, interior design and consulting company who has been in the business for more than 16 years. They provide customers with a one-stop solution from concept to production and installation of interior renovation and fittings, advertising display stand, exhibition, and trade show constructions, both within Thailand and abroad. Their brand, quality of work and […]

Professional Paint Supplier

The professional paint supplier based in Danang, Vietnam. The company was established for 17 years and operated in the civil paint market and marine industry. They are offering their expertise in followings services. – Construction paint & decoration – Paints for ships & high durability projects – Paint industry – Electrostatic powder coating – Fireproof […]

Design & Manufacture Tanks.

The leader in designing and manufacturing tanks for industrial use   The company was established in 1987 with years of experience as a manufacturer, known as one of the experts in building Pressure Vessel, Reactor Tank, Mixing Tank, Silo Tank, Steel Structure and Process Piping, etc. Chemical Plant Group ) Power Plant, Cosmetic Plant, Food […]

Scooter Rentals Business for Sales.

Very profitable scooter rentals business for sales. Outstanding vehicle rentals service business with an affordable price and steady monthly income. The shop is located in the heart of Bangkok, ideally located to cater to tourist and regular/residents in Bangkok.

Bangkok Food Tour Operator for sale

This company is one of the pioneers to launch culinary tours in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, and has managed to create an excellent reputation in the market.

Luxury nursing home in Chiang Mai

This luxurious resort is well situated in the North of Thailand and caters to the elderly who want to retire in Thailand.

Buy and Invest in Thailand

Whether you are looking to invest in owner-operated business or you are looking for a targeted acquisition to expand your market share, NextStep can support you in finding the right object.

Despite Covid-19, Thailand remains a country with a strong economic foundation and a great place to invest. Economic projections indicate a full recovery to pre-Covid growth rates in 2021.

With our database of over 600,000 businesses in Thailand, we understand the Thai SME market and are able to support you with targeted search for specific segments and sizes of companies.

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    As a foreigner, can I own 100% of a Thai company?

    The answer is yes, you can own 100% of a company in Thailand, even as a foreigner, if setup correctly. While NextStep does not provide any legal advice, we work with a number of trusted legal firms which can help you with the purchase of a Thai company.

    Will I be allowed to work and live in Thailand when I buy a company?

    Yes – when you buy a company usually you will be allowed to employ foreigners, including yourself, which comes with a visa and the right to live in Thailand. There are criteria you need to fulfill however, namely a minimum capital of 2m THB (paid-up), and a quote of one work permit per 4 Thai employees.

    How easy is it to do business in Thailand?

    Thailand is ranking in the upper-midfield of Ease of Doing business ranking at number 21 globally, ahead of China, Indonesia and Vietnam. While many transactions with government agencies are still very paper-based, business-related processes like making payments are increasingly digitalized. Due to the high exposure to foreign tourists, many Thais speak English and it is absolutely possible as a foreign business owner to manage a business in Thailand.

    How easy is it to incorporate a company in Thailand?

    In general, it is very easy and relatively fast – usually the incorporation is done in less than 10 working days once you have all required documents ready. It is easier and faster if you are already in the country and have local partners or people that can help you, however it is not mandatory. Key to a smooth process is finding the right legal firm that will do the paperwork and process the incorporation with the government agencies.

    What industries are good investments in Thailand?

    The Tourism and Hospitality industry contributes significantly to the Thai economy and offers many investment opportunities. Hotels and restaurants are interesting investments for foreigners and Thais alike, especially when combined with real estate, however there are also great opportunities in the wider service industry which is less asset-heavy.
    Thailand is also well known for its manufacturing business, and in areas like the eastern seaboard and the wider Bangkok area you will find a number of manufacturing plants, providing all kinds of products for the domestic and international market.

    Thailand is also keen to attract investors in high-tech industries like IT, and supports investors with tax cuts, higher visa allotments and other preferred terms for your investment.

    What are the salary levels in Thailand?

    The average salary in the Bangkok area in Jan 2020 was around 20’000 THB per month according to the National Statistics Office. The wages vary highly depending on the region in Thailand and the qualification.

    Do you find qualified staff in Thailand?

    Yes – Thais that have studied at local universities have in general a good level of education in their field. There is also an increasing tech scene in Bangkok which has attracted some larger firms to select Thailand as their hub for IT development. Furthermore, there is a growing number of Thais which have studied and worked abroad and are keen to come back and work in Thailand in leadership positions.

    Do you offer minority investments/silent investments as well?

    In general, we market the entire business for a new owner to take control. There are however regularly projects which would be large enough for multiple investors. If you are interested to get updated about such opportunities, please contact us.

    How long does it take to sell/buy a company?

    This very much depends on the company. A simple business with not too many assets can be sold within a matter of weeks once all conditions have been agreed. With a larger company, it is prudent to perform a proper due diligence to establish the value of its assets, but also legal, financial and HR questions should be given enough attention. This might drag out the timeline but has proven time and time again as the right thing to do to avoid disappointment.