International Kindergarten in Bangkok for sale
Region : Central Thailand
City : Bangkok
Sales Price: upon request
Sold: NO

This International Kindergarten is located in the heart of Bangkok and enjoys a great reputation for its English-speaking curriculum. Established for more than 10 years, the school is open for children at the age between 2 years and 6 years and focuses on high-quality, with a low teacher/student ratio, highly qualified teachers and a unique curriculum.

The owners have gone to great lengths to create a unique brand and have managed to attract a loyal customer base, which is expected to return as soon as the COVID-related closure is lifted.

Thanks to the curriculum’s clear focus on children’s early development needs, the school has managed to attract many Thai families as Expats who want to ensure their children are learning English early on. This customer mix has made sure that the school has had steady revenues and a low turnover of children.

The company has a strong team of 33 staff that runs the school on a day-to-day basis and deals with all administrative tasks, leaving a new owner to focus on managing the company’s long-term growth.

Due to good demand and a growing waiting list, the current owners have been working on plans to build a larger location in the neighborhood to grow the facilities, and the new owner would be free to implement this growth plans or retain the current location. Further growth opportunities lie in the roll-out of a franchise model that allows to monetize the brand and expand in Thailand and elsewhere.

Due to their personal situation the owners want to sell the company quickly and are looking for a buyer that is willing to take-over the company before year-end.

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