How NextStep can help you find a buyer for your business
Every business owner needs to plan ahead, but planning for succession is often overlooked. Over 20’000 companies change ownership every year in Thailand, and increasingly business owners are looking for new investors outside of the family. See how NextStep can help yo u secure your legacy.
Develop your ideal buyer profile
During the initial stage of the sales process, NextStep will help you to develop the ideal buyer profile. We will assess your company, your personal plans and your expectations towards a new buyer, and together with you determine the sales plan.
NextStep will prepare the Pitch Document,
including a valuation of your company
NextStep will prepare the Pitch Document – your sales document that highlights the value of your business. Part of that is the Valuation that indicates the price range that you want to sell your company for.
NextStep will introduce you to potential buyers
NextStep will introduce potential buyers through its global network to you. NextStep will pre-screen interested parties to ensure we present you with the right fit. In this phase, the parties will enter into negotiations on price and sales conditions, ending with both parties.
Due Diligence,
Signing and Closing
In the final phase of the Sale, the parties finalize the Sales contract and agree on a timeline for contract signing, Due Diligence and Closing. After the Buyer has been able to verify the claims made during the sales process during the Due Diligence, the final step happens at the Closing Date, when the control and ownership transfers from the Seller to the Buyer. NextStep can support you through these steps with help from ours.
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