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The professional paint supplier based in Danang, Vietnam. The company was established for 17 years and operated in the civil paint market and marine industry.

They are offering their expertise in followings services.

– Construction paint & decoration

– Paints for ships & high durability projects

– Paint industry

– Electrostatic powder coating

– Fireproof and heat resistant paint

– Painted corrugated iron coil, coil

– Paints ships and boats with wood and iron

– 1 component and 2 component galvanized iron paint

– Epoxy and Polyurethane paint

– Antifouling and encapsulated paint

– Paints boats with composite hulls

– Painted concrete and painted floor, self-leveling, high durability

Currently, the company is looking for investors who are interest to be their partner and own 55% shares.

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