Construction Company for Sales
Region : Central Thailand
City : Bangkok
Sales Price: 40m
Sold: NO

Successful construction company with average annual revenue >100m THB for sale in Bangkok, Thailand.

This construction company has been established since 1992 by a professional Thai engineer. They are offering clients top quality, design, build and construction management services.

Over 20 years, the company has successfully completed close to a hundred projects, such as office building, residential building, hotel & resort, government office building etc.

The company employs 11 experienced fixed employees which are running the company. The team includes engineers, foremen, HR specialist, Finance etc. They outsource the construction’s manpower by project.

In 2021, the company is still busying with projects which some have been carrying from last year and some happens this year. This allows the company to expect its income of THB 90 – 110m.


A new investor/Owner will have the full support from current owner during the transfer processes have been completed.

If you are interested to know more about this opportunity, please contact us for further information and a detailed Sales Memorandum.

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