Luxury nursing home in Chiang Mai
Sales Price: upon request
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This luxurious resort is well situated in the North of Thailand and caters to the elderly who want to retire in ThailandCatering mostly to expat customers from Europe and Australia, the company employs a team of medically qualified professionals which can provide different levels of personal care. The company is owned by foreign investors and also employs a local management team on site in Thailand which will stay on and support a new owner.The buildings and infrastructure have been built to a high standard and include a water purification system and two power generators. The facilities include a restaurant which serves Thai, Western and Swiss food, an own bakery as well as a pool, spa, common rooms and large gardens for sport activities.

Until May 2020, the resort achieved a utilization rate of around 55% and was returning a good profit margin. A new investor can build on an existing team and will find a location with potential to expand further, however is also open to change the business model if desired. The ideal investor will use his experience to tap into the markets for elderly care in different countries.  

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